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Abhilash Raj

I am a Graduate Student working my way through a Computer Science major at Oregon State University. I am also a Core Developer for GNU Mailman project and have been working on it since past 3 years now. Mentoring Google Summer of Code students has also been one of contributions to the project. Apart from GNU Mailman, I enjoy working almost any Python project, because lets accept it, Python is FUN! Emacs and Linux are two piece of softwares that I use the most, but I am moving towards contributing to Linux.

My research interests revolve around operating systems, systems security and programming languages. I have some experience juggling through the Linux Kernel source code, but none of them converted to an actual Patch.

I am an open source enthusiast and I believe most softwares should be freely available for anyone to tinker with. Having said that, I understand the analogy behind having a proprietary software that was built for the purpose of making money and/or philanthropic purposes. But, even though making a software open source does not guarantee a superior quality of code or performance, it always gives a lone wolf or an independent organization an option to dive in and fix things that interests him/them and not depend on someone for that. For me, that is the biggest advantage of open source software. If there were someway to release the source code for a software and yet make money out it (something like Support/Professional Services but more easy and generic for a single developer), then it would be ideal.

This blog doesn’t actually have much informative blog posts and is just meant for me to pen down (or key down ;-) the things that I have been exploring. However, I am guilty of not updating it often. Not that I don’t make a resolution every year to write more, till now it has been a huge failure. Hopefully someday maybe I will.


My email is the reverse of ‘[email protected]’. I hang around on IRC as maxking on freenode.net.


You can download my public key here