GSoC Finale
Sep 24 2013
1 minute read

So I have pushed my final commit for now for my GSoC project. I will try to be brief on all the accomplishments and mention concisely what-is-working.

  • Signature rule following strict rfc 3156 can now be verified, only pgp-mime messages are accepted and messages without a (valid) signature are held.
  • SignMessage handler creates multipart/signed message, first of whose part is the original message formed after all the processing(in default-posting-pipeline this handler is at last before the message is send out or copied to nntp or any other queue). It expects a `multipart/signed` or `multipart/mixeed` message. The signature is calculated on whole part using the list's secret key.
  • A List's key can be created from postorius and other signature parameters can also be changed from there( only 'signature_max_age for now).
  • A user can import his public key from public keyservers( defaults to by entering their public key id or they can copy paste their public key data to upload their public key.( Exceptions handling is not implemented yet in postorius, if works fine in perfect situations).

I will soon come up with post more detailed about how my project functions, but for now if anyone wants to have a look my code it is here


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