Connect the DOT
Jul 19 2013
1 minute read

This post talks about dot program from graphviz suite. If you read my last post you may have noticed the dot graph that I made using the dot program from graphviz suite. It is a very easy to use program whose details can be read here at graphviz official website. I would like to share the code for the graph that I made for the last post:

digraph G {
    IN -> approved;
    approved -> emergency[label="No"];
    emergency -> loop[label="No"];	
    loop -> member_moderated[label="No"];
    member_moderated -> administrivia["No"];
    administrivia -> max_size;
    max_size -> truth;
    max_size -> MODERATION[label="exceeds"];
    truth -> PIPELINE;
    approved -> PIPELINE[label="Yes"];
    member_moderated -> MODERATION[label="Yes"]; 
    emergency -> HOLD[label="Yes"];
    loop -> DISCARD[label="Yes"];

The above code produces the graph below:

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