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Problem : Some servers in my university are beind firewall and it is difficult to ssh to those servers as I always use a VPN service on my primary laptop. To be able to ssh, one must be inside the university or use the university VPN.

GDB(The GNU Project Debugger) is one of the most awesome softwares ever built for C programmers. I recently started to write some code in C, specifically trying out socket programming and some other stuff. I had a very basic problem about how to debug a variable (bytes) without using the...

Recently I got very interested to explore about the GIL or the Global Interpreter Lock in Python that has been a topic of flame wars since forever. Global interpreter lock is a lock on the python interpreter, that a thread must acquire in order to run. Because of this, effectively...

Note: This post is now outdated. GNU Mailman now has a new container image for running tests and this time it just works.

Here are some useful git commands that helps to undo changes you knowingly or accidentally(my case) committed to a repo.